About the Owner

meredithheadshot Meredith’s started performing at age 5 and by the following year she had been featured in the international television special “A Family Christmas.” Two summers later she played the role of Sarah in the Canadian film Sarah and Alex, and she never looked back. The next several years were spent under close instruction and performing works of masters. Meredith has performed along side Bob McGrath in Sesame Street Live, starred in a segment on Unsolved Mysteries, performed in a Clippers game halftime show and has danced principal roles in productions of Mongrels (principal soloist), The Snow Queen (The Rose), The Nutcracker (Clara), Carnival (Razberry Jam) to name a few. She has also directed, staged and choreographed productions of Annie Jr., The Brothers Grimm: Out of Order, Grease, and West Side Story among many others.

Meredith started teaching in 1995 and within a few years was choreographing for over 30 classes and several award-winning competition teams per week. She has since energetically taught technique and appreciation to thousands of students and her competition choreography has been nationally recognized. She feels that knowledge of history and vocabulary, understanding of musicality and appreciation for the discipline itself are equally as important as just learning steps.

Using her Psychology degree from UCLA, Meredith combined her backgrounds to institute Minds in Motion, which she is currently further improving. Her hopes are to develop a standardized, but adaptable dance/movement teaching tool using dance and music to connect with those with Alzheimer’s and Autism in an effort to help with verbal and non-verbal communication and flexibility in daily encounters .

As a pioneer she has lived by example for her students, and constantly challenges them to actively participate in life and their own growth. As a result, they have gone on to excel in worlds like medicine, finance, education, business, art and of course dance!!